Center for Environmental Education

Announcing a New Exciting Opportunity at the CEE!


New Lesson Plans for the Water Quality App are Now Available!

We have developed a week long module of water quality lesson plans with an optional capstone field trip for the students to put into practice in a real world experience the knowledge and skills they acquired through the lesson plan. The lesson plans are structured on the inquiry based 5E model and encourage the inclusion of creativity and 21st Century technology.  

The module fully addresses the KCAS standard 08-LS2-4.  It begins with the introduction of concepts of watersheds, water quality and sources of pollution.  It is followed by an in depth look at how abiotic factors determine water quality.  The third day, students are introduced to benthic macroinvertebrates and their use as indicator species for water quality.  The fourth day has the students synthesize  all of the information they have learned and evaluate mock streams that are created in the classroom.  On the fifth day, the students use all of the data analysis skills they have aquired and present in a creative fashion an argument on how the changes to the stream have caused changes to the community and populations of benthic macro-invertebrates found in the streams they have studied.  It is highly encouraged that the students then take a field trip to a local water way to put their newly acquired skills to do a habitat and water quality assessment in a real world situation.  Click here for the lesson plans.



Environmental Education Classes Offered through NKU's Education Program.

Northern Kentucky University's College of Education and Human Services is offerering two 8 week courses in the Spring of 2017. 

The instructor for both courses is Dr. Kimberly Yates. 

EDU 594-001:  Environmental Issues

Session 1: January 9th - March 4th

Course Description: Students will investigate, evaluate and reflect on global and regional environmental issues, as well as develop action based appropriate solutions.

EDU 594-002:  Teaching and Learning in the Outdoors

Session 2: March 11th - May 5th

Course Description: Students will learn about the impact of outdoor education, available resources, and opportunities for engaging students in outdoor learning environments, such as school gardens, outdoor classrooms, and field trips.

For more information contact Dr. Kimberly Yates